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COUCH POTATO FILMS (Channel4 Sparks)

We are delighted to announce that DJW Talent, Company Director Daniel-John Williams is working for Couch Potato as a Producer on a commissioned piece by Channel4 | Comedy HotHouse and Northern Film + Media.

Adam Bouabda at Couch Potato has been commissioned for several comedy shorts for Channel4 Sparks through The Comedy HotHouse and Northern Film + Media Scheme and Daniel-John Williams has been brought on board to Produce one of the projects. This is an exciting collaboration and we hope for many more.

Lucia Rovardi will be bringing the character (Internet Sensation) Tiana Leigh back to our screens with a new sketch (Written by Emily Faiweather) and song (Lyrics by Lucia Rovardi) #nofilter is a brand new comedy song which resonates with many.

Emma Lawson, the Founder of @ne_comedy HOTHOUSE has been given the exciting and challenging task of finding talent in the region to create 24 Channel4 Sparks which will be screened on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and other.

DJW Talent are proud to be working with Couch Potato Films and Daniel-John has already started sourcing Locations, Actors and sorting through the logistics of the shoot with Adam. They are both dedicated to making this the best they can.

The super talent Ross Marshall will be DOP and Director on this so we know it will be shot beautifully and with comedic style.

We are excited.


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