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During Lockdown Daniel-John Williams, Company Founder and Director has been busy creating and developing an in-house DJW Diploma for youths and adults which consists of a unique set of workshops to enable actors to grow and expand their knowledge, experience and skills. It is paramount that we strengthen our actors confidence for potential castings and working in the industry. Daniel has purposefully crafted the workshops so everything offered in the studio can be used as transferable skills.

The DJW Diploma is focussed on providing a platform for actors to explore, experience, emerge whilst establishing their own style.

Each Diploma takes 4 years to complete.

This is based on Guided Learning Hours of four hours per week, over 44 weeks of the year.

This is a weekend part-part-time DJW School Diploma

Each Year will have an end of year project.

This is how it might look:

Year 1 of 4: Explore (End of year Project)

Year 2 of 4: Experience (End of year Project)

Year 3 of 4: Emerge (End of year Project)

Year 4 of 4: Establish (End of year Project)

All students will start in September and finish in July with the option to attend a summer school.

Students can start any year, however; SEPTEMBER INTAKE ONLY. The Diploma will be awarded once the four years have been completed.

Each year the student will be award part certifications.

DJW Scholarship and Entry Auditions are in June/July every year.

Students will become Members of The DJW School in September. ALL DJW Members will be supported by DJW Talent for Castings, Portfolio Building and Advice.

The DJW Diploma is for all ages 7-15 and 16+

LEVEL ONE (Ages 7-15)

LEVEL TWO (Ages 7-15)

LEVEL THREE (Ages 16+)



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