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Casting Director Sam Claypole and Actor/Writer Connor Lawson join DJW Panel

The DJW Acting Scholarship Auditions are taking place in Middlesbrough on JULY 31st.

We have Casting Director Sam Claypole and Actor/Writer Connor Lawson on the panel alongside Founder and Company Director at DJW Talent; Daniel-John Williams

We are really excited about having Sam and Connor join us this year. Sam is responsible for casting local, regional, national and international tv and film projects and Connor is no stranger to acting on TV and Film with 57 episodes of The Dumping Ground under his belt, amongst other projects on screen, he knows his stuff.

Most recently Connor and his friend Dan Salmon pitched an idea to Fulwell73 and it was recently given the green light to start development.

Fulwell73, responsible for The Friends Reunion, Carpool Karaoke and countless other shows are developing the new Byker Grove 'Come Back' which we are excited to submit actors for when casting starts.

Connor and his friend Dan, decided to put their heads together during Lockdown and came up with the concept for “Pit Yackers,” a TV show idea that is based on their own life experiences and true stories of growing up in the North East.

Sam Claypole is a friend of DJW Talent and both Daniel-John and Sam are passionate about discovering new talent:

Actors auditioning for a DJW scholarship have been asked to prepare a two minute monologue which best showcases their talent and range.

Good Luck everyone!


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