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Before applying to join the DJW School, we'd like to ask that you complete the following checklist:

  • You have read all of the information on the DJW School page, including our course content.

  • You have read our DJW School FAQ's.

  • You have read both the STUDENT AGREEMENT and MEDIA AGREEMENT below.

  • You have read and understood the MEMBERSHIP and the associated fees and payment schedule.

When you are ready, please fill out the form below, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions prior to applying.


Please Note: To complete this form, you should use a desktop computer. This form may not work on a mobile browser. You must be 16 years old or above to complete this form.

Please select as appropriate


Please Tick to confirm age

Thanks for submitting!

- We accept registrations from April and the deadline is August, for a September start. (We can accept late submissions, however: You may not qualify if later than December) - (Last point of entry is December and full Membership will still need to be paid).

- If you are under the age of 16, please make sure a parent or guardian reads and submits the forms for you. If a person under the age of 16 submits a form, your request to join us will be declined.

- Selecting the tick box above confirms your understanding of and agreement to the terms and conditions outlined within the Student Agreement & the Media Agreement. (Please note: You will only be able to submit the form by selecting this tick box).

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