Please see the guide below: Category One: (Ongoing training) Exploring You are a DJW School of Acting Member You have been training at DJW for a minimum of one year (continued training) You are Registered on Spotlight wherever possible (Professional CV) You have a DJW approved headshot You have a DJW approved Self Tape or Showreel You are Registered with Equity (wherever possible) Category Two: Emerging 704 (DJW Diploma Achieved) You have trained with The DJW School of Acting 704 You are Spotlight Registered You are Equity Registered You have a DJW approved headshot You have a DJW approved Self Tape or Showreel Category Three: Established You have 5 Professional Credits or You have a degree in Acting (Drama School Trained) Must be Spotlight Registered Must be Equity Registered Your headshot meets the requirements of DJW You have a showreel You will need to contact head office: info@thedjwschool.com or office@thedjwschool.com


If you are a DJW School of Acting Member and have been attending for 12 months or more you should contact head office. info@thedjwschool.com


DJW Talent represent actors in three categories: Ages 7-11 Ages 12-15 Ages 16+


In order to be represented you will need to be Spotlight registered. If you are not eligible for Spotlight, we can discuss options with you.


All clients will need a DJW approved headshot. Our Headshot day takes place once a year.


DJW highly recommend that all clients have a showreel in order to maximise your chances of attracting casting directors to your profile. If you do not have a showreel, you must have a professional self tape. DJW approved showreels and self tapes are available. Please see actors services.


DJW may contact you once you have made a submission for representation and will offer some advisories. These advisories are there to help you create a more successful application or it may advise on what steps you could | should be considering in order for us to accept your submission in the future.


DJW Talent are constantly working on developing good relationsips with casting directors | producers and directors in all areas of theatre, music videos, television & film. We have secured auditions and contracts for countless television, theatre and film projects since launching in 2015 Channel 4, BBC, CBBC, Feature Films, Short Films, Comedy, Theatre Tours and Adverts have all been secured.



1) We accept students once a year in September. Your course will start in September and end in July. August we are closed for showreel shoots and summer schools. 2) You will become a DJW Member for the year: which needs to be paid before you can officially start workshops. BAND A: £240 (includes hoody, polo and headshot) BAND B: £160 (includes hoody and polo) All students will be asked to wear DJW Polo Shirt or DJW Hooded Jumper. (You will be asked for sizes upon registration) 3) Once registered, you will need to complete some paper work. Which will be provided for you. It is important that you read the student and media agreements on the APPLY page. 5) The DJW School of Acting runs a 44 week school timetable with holidays in: APRIL (two weeks) AUGUST (four weeks) DECEMBER (two weeks) Each class is four hours long (Youths and Adults) Each year completed by a student will contribute towards the DJW diploma. You are not obliged to complete the entire diploma (which takes four years) If you attend for one year, you will be awarded part certification. If you decide to train for a second year you will receive the second part certification until you reach the end. You will then be awarded a DJW in-house diploma with completed certification. Youths can join the DJW Hangout at 10am to help prepare monologues, hold meetings (steering groups) prepare warm ups, or just socially hangout. 6) Students must have been training with DJW for a minimum of 12 months before they can be invited to apply for representation with DJW TALENT. 7) The DJW agreements must be completed before you can start any classes and the agreements should be read in full with any questions raised before making a committement.


The DJW School of Acting (DJW TALENT), Invites actors aged: 7-15 - Youths 16+ Adults Who are serious about a career in acting Who are looking to build confidence and learn new skills Who wish to create a portfolio | showreel | headshots | self tapes Who would like to learn more about improvisation | devising | script work Who would like to obtain an in-house diploma or part diploma Who are interested in our actors showcase | actors text | character development | making new friends. No previous acting experience is needed.


We are a part time | weekend actor training programme for those wishing to take their acting seriously and engage in a diploma which is split into four years. Each year will contribute to part of the diploma. Ages 7-15 and 16+ (There is no upper age limit) You are under no obligation to complete the entire diploma (which takes four years to complete) If you attend for one year, you will be awarded part certification. If you decide to train for a second year you will receive the second part certification until you reach the end. You will then be awarded a DJW in-house diploma completed certification. DJW will have a small, dedicated team of expert tutors to facilitate and guide students through the year. You should not consider DJW as an alternative pathway for higher education, as we are not part of a governing accreddited body, but rather you should join DJW as an extension of building up your skills to further develop the craft of acting in your current or future career or hobbyist purposes. DJW are passionate about opening doors for actors. We aim to provide actor training like no other. We also work very closely with industry professionals such as theatre, television and film directors, casting directors, actors, practitioners and producers. We are the only acting establishment working from this unique acting programme, designed by Daniel-John Williams the founder and director of DJW. DJW offer workshops which cover modules that prepare the actor for drama school, auditions and professional castings. We are focussed on Quality Assured customer service with up to date and ever changing guidelines and requirements to ensure that all of our clients are seen by the right people with the right knowledge and training, preparing them for any eventuality. A dedicated and enthusiastic work force at DJW will collaborate with you to ensure you receive the best advice and opportunities in Theatre, Television and Film. The DJW School of Acting offers a diverse and unique approach to actor training. We pride ourselves on offering a unique service to actors wishing to gain a deeper more disciplined approach to their craft. email: info@thedjwschool.com for further enquiries.


Teesside Newcastle Leeds CLICK HERE for Locations and MAPS Alternatively please email: info@thedjwschool.com


Please find the timetable for all schools under DJW SCHOOL on the main page of the webiste. email: info@thedjwschool.com for further enquiries


We are QA International recognised at GOLD LEVEL since 2015. We are the only acting establishment working from this unique acting programme, designed by industry professionals with modules that prepare the actor for drama school, auditions and professional castings. We offer a DJW in-house diploma which sometimes include special guests coming in to see students. We also offer Scholarships every year. We are dedicated to getting the right results for actors and have included an 'Actors Showcase' for industry professionals to attend and scout for Talent. We offer an unmatched service by any other acting establishment in the area, by offering a bespoke actors service including headshots | showreels | CV building | diploma and we work closely with our clients to ensure they are receieving the best possible service.


Anyone wishing to programme with us must become a Member of the School. We have two membership bands. BAND A (includes headshots, polo and hoody) £240 BAND B (includes polo and hoody) £160 DJW Fees Youths 80 per month (to be paid 1st of every month, excluding August) Adults 100 per month (to be paid 1st of every month, excluding August) We have different payment options available: Payment ONE (Pay for the entire year in advance) Payment FOUR (Pay for the year, quarterly) Payment ELEVEN (Pay for the year, monthly) email: info@thedjwschool.com for further enquiries. All students that attend the School will be encouraged to raise additional funds through fundraising events to contribute to end of year projects. CLICK HERE for a copy of the prices


Payments should be paid by BACS | Electronically and we now have a payment system suitable to everyone, please see below: All payments to be paid 1st every month (excluding August) Payment ONE (You can pay for the entire year in one go) Payment FOUR (You can pay for the entire year, quarterly) Payment ELEVEN (You can pay for the entire year, every month, excluding August) Please email: emma@thedjwschool.com FOR FURTHER DETAILS


DJW headshot and selftape days: For those wishing to invest in creating a memorable image and professional selftape for casting directors to view when submitting for roles in theatre, television and film, DJW have headshot days every year. email: info@thedjwschool.com for further enquiries Please also read the Media Agreement on the website under APPLY Shoot until you are happy (Usually approximately 15-20mins) Prices are: Headshot: £100 (please read the media agreement) Self tapes: £120 (please read the media agreement) BAND A Members will receieve a headshot within their package.


Every year DJW hold annual auditions for scholarhsips in Middlesbrough at Acklam Hall. Please keep checking our social media posts and website news sesction to learn the dates and how to apply. AUDITIONS ARE IN AUGUST EVERY YEAR. You can be awarded Main School Scholarships, Discovery Scholarships and Mentor Scholarships. We release details of the scholarship auditions on our social media platforms, NEWS on the website and by our mailout options in June and July.


DJW Holidays: APRIL (Two weeks) AUGUST (Four weeks) DECEMBER (Two weeks) email: info@thedjwschool.com for further enquiries


Anyone wishing to programme with us will become a Member of the School, which lasts one year. We have two bands. BAND A (includes headshots, polo and hoody) £240 BAND B (includes polo and hoody) £160 email: info@thedjwschool.com for further enquiries on monthly fees ALL students that attend the School will be encouraged to raise additional funds through fundraising events to contribute to end of year projects. If a student is absent from workshops for more than four weeks or fees have not been paid, you will be asked to re-register and pay any unpaid due fees, to be able to return to the studio. Re-Registration is £28 (absence or exit) Memberships are non transferable and non refundable.


DJW Talent operates as an actors agency. How to be considered for representation under DJW Talent if you are DJW Student: 1) You must attend The DJW School of Acting for a minimum of 6 months. 2) You must be a Member of The DJW School of Acting. 3) You must be attending Masterclasses with DJW. 4) You will be asked to attend a headshot and self tape session in May. 5) We strongly advise investing in a DJW showreel. 6) You should read, agree and sign a seperate contract for DJW Talent. 7) You will be asked to join Spotlight and in some cases Equity. Not everyone will be asked to join the Agency. You may be given actors advisories. (Speak to DJW about this)


DJW will host in-house certification courses throughout the year which will enable students to participate in DJW approved and Industry inspired certifications which result in diplomas. Every Student will participate in the in-house DJW diploma and each year will contribute to part of that diploma. Each DJW diploma takes four years to complete with a guided learning hours timetable of 4 hours per week, stretched over 44 weeks in the year.


DJW requires all students of all ages to wear the correct DJW uniform which can be ordered by emailing info@thedjwschool.com Uniform Sizes: (hoodies and polo shirts) Adult Chest (to fit): S 35/37 M 38/40 L 41/43 XL 44/46 XXL 47/49 3XL 50/52 4XL 53/55 5XL 56/58 Youth Age/Chest (to fit): 7-8 30 9-11 32 12-13 34 14-15 36 Height (cm): 128 140 152 164 We also have available: Hoodies Joggers Polo Shirts Note Pads Bags Hats Pens Mugs


The DJW Diploma Projects is just one part of the training that we offer at DJW. The projects prepare our actors in a fun and engaging way by working on scripts, character development and audition technique, scholarship auditions, actors showcases and professional castings. Each year students will have an end of year Project to focus on which means the student must learn to discapline and structure their time properly and put what they have learnt into practice. You do not have to complete the entire diploma and you do not have to start the diploma in any particular order. Year 1 Explore Year 2 Experience Year 3 Emerge Year 4 Establish Projects may include assignments, showcase performances, festivals, guest workshops and filming opportunities. DJW DIPLOMA COURSE CONTENT


The Actors Showcase is a combination of performances by our youth and adult students. A group of professionals from the industry will come along to support the showcase, allowing actors the chance to excercise their talents in front of a paying and professional audience. Recent guests: Ezra Tren Humphries (Emmerdale Casting) Jonny boutwood (Shaheen Baig Casting) Sophie Pearson (Des Hamilton Casting) This will take place every four years. Please also see the guests DJW have had over the years...


Peter King Film Director (This is the winter, Crack, BBC, Make Me Famous) Jonny Boutwood (Shaheen Baig Casting, The Virtues, Peaky Blinders, Man like Mobeen, Journeyman, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Three Girls, Love Actually. Ezra-Tren Humphries (Emmerdale Casting) Sophie Pearson (Casting Associate to Des Hamilton Casting | This is England | Tyrannosaur | The Eagle | Four Lions | Bronson & Looted) Claire Bleasdale (Casting Associate to Nina Gold for Catherine called Birdy, Feature Film) John Dower (Director WolfBlood, Eastenders) Tom Brittney (Actor, Grantchester, Outlander, Greyhound) Matt Chambers (Dr Daniel Grainger, BBC Doctors) Emily Fairweather (Actor and Writer) Tom Marshall (Director, Space Force, Famalam, The Young Offenders) Andrew McHale (Actor, Redirected, Pennyworth, Russell Howards Good News) Sunjay Midda (Actor, BBC Doctors) Matthew Chambers (Actor, BBC Doctors) Dan Mersh (Actor, AfterLife, Mordechai) Alan Carter (Actor and DJW Critical Friend) James Baxter (Actor, Red Dwarf, Still Open All Hours) Andy Berriman (Film Writer and Director - A Six & Two Threes & Elsewhere) Maxy Neil Bianco (Nature, Pig the dog) Steve Green (Artistic Director, Fourth Monkey Actor Training) Will Townsend (Actor and Workshop Facilitator) Benjamin Bee (BAFTA long-listed and Award Winning Film Writer and Director - Mordechai & Metroland) Maxy Neil Bianco (Film Maker, Pig the Dog, Nature) Scott Young (Artistic Director at OddManOut) Victoria Gibson (Actor and Theatre Producer) Sunjay Midda (Shak, BBC Doctors) Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge (Actor, Make Me Famous, Enterprice, Pinnocchio) Rachel Teate (Actor - WolfBlood, Hollyoaks) Qasim Baig (Production coordinator or other on Transformers | Pin Cushion | Bad Move) Kelsey Gill (Singer, songwriter - as seen on Xfactor) Sam Claypole (Casting Agent) Jonny Bussell (Programme Leader at The Northern School of Art and Film) Anthony Joblin (Commercials Actor) Dave Edwards (Actor, Producer and higher education tutor) Maria Caruana Galizia (Film Producer - Candle and Bell)


Testimonials (As seen on Yell.com) FIVE STAR REVIEWS: DJW is like no other acting school that I have been to. After five years absence I had to rejoin because of how amazing it is. Each week I am struck by the quality of teaching and there is not a week that goes by where I haven’t learnt tonnes. But it is not only the teaching that is important, Daniel has a genuine care for us and guides and supports us with our career and if we need any help he is there instantly. Every week I am inspired and my passion for acting flourishes. People often say that there are not enough days in the week, but in regards to DJW there are too many because each week I count down the days until my next session. This acting school is truly unique.
Daniel is passionate, inspiring and an amazing role model.
The atmosphere within the school is positive and encouraging, there aren’t any ‘dance moms’ here!
If you want to learn about the industry, have opportunities not available elsewhere, make friends and have fun, then this is the place for you.
I honestly could not recommend this school any higher. DJW has all you would want from a drama school and more! Everyone at the school is extremely welcoming and the learning opportunities are professional and second to none. Dan shows a great deal of passion in his teaching and has helped me a lot in the couple of months that I have been there. I am sure that DJW school of acting will help me with my dream goal of getting into a professional acting career. Fantastic for children and adults. Providing inspiring and enjoyable sessions helping development in acting both physically and mentally. My daughter enjoys every session and her progress in confidence continues to grow. Everyone is welcomed right from the minute you walk through the doors. I would definitely recommend to anyone interested. I could not recommend this school more. Daniel and the team support their actors like no other. The dedicated team get to know the individual and work towards a goal together. It’s a unique school with a wonderful atmosphere. The DJW School offers training for television and film that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. The class is full of supportive people and it's a brilliant place for anyone who really wants to learn. This school is worth going to; it gives you great feedback and tells the truth so you can improve. There is lots of encouragement from other students and I would highly recommend attending. My child has only been coming here for a few months but loves everything About the school. She wants to progress with drama and acting and Daniel’s school is the right platform for her to do that. She has been involved in work shops, drama and acting techniques and is now working towards Lamda exams. I have inspired to act for a long time and I have never felt that there was anything in our area that let me do this alongside developing my skills and knowledge on a theory basis. DJW changed my life. Twice a week I get to express myself and work on pieces of script that push my skills to their limits. I havent been there for a year yet and I can feel from where I started to where I am now a huge difference. Not only do I get to act I also have a lovely group of friends who are all into the same thing as me and help me with my journey. Its a really lovely place to be. The DJW School of Acting offers the best training that you can't get anywhere else in the north east. I've attended the school for 2 years and in each class I always learn new skills and techniques that I need to know for the television and film industry. All the students are very passionate and hardworking, Dan supports each and every one of us and helps us to gain as much knowledge and experience that we can as he see's the potential in everyone. The positive atmosphere created by the group and the pride you have for one another including yourself after a powerful class is an overwhelming feeling that any aspiring actor shouldn't be missing out on!!! I haven’t even been st the school for a year yet but the impact it has had on my life is incredible. Daniel believes in every one of his pupils and will work tirelessly to ensure that they are thoroughly challeneged and exposed to industry-recognised training. Not only have I grown in confidence over, but I have been able to push myself with actings to levels I did not think were achieveable. You have to experience DJW. You will not be disappointed. The DJW school offers the best acting classes, support and amazing talent in the north east without a doubt. The guidance from Daniel and the industry proffessionals connected with the school put this schools leagues above the rest. Get yourself to the DJW school of acting! If you're serious about becoming an actor this is where you want to be. Along with all the technical skills and industry opportunities that the School offers you, it gives you an extreme buzz to be in an environment where your sense of creativity is never unnoticed. Working with a diverse group of people gives you the ability to really find yourself as a performer. It's more than just learning lines and doing exercises, it's an opportunity to grow as a person and actor. The support that's offered not only by Dan, but the other pupils helps you identify your individual strengths and weaknesses and how to overcome them. I guarantee that no matter what your background, you'll leave the building after every session feeling even more determined and inspired by not only the work of your peers, but the work you've managed to create yourself. You don't even have to know anyone in the school to come along and contribute your talent. It'll be the biggest favour you'll ever do for yourself. I have been attending The Daniel John Williams School of Acting for only a year and the amount of knowledge that I have gained since joining the school is outstanding. The level of teaching is just first class and every week we learn something new. It is informative yet fun, and the opportunities that I have had from the school are invaluable. Everybody in the school is so supportive of each other, and there is definitely a real family feel with in the School. Definitely one of the best decisions I ever made joining DJW. I have been attending this school for about 2 year now and every second has been brilliant. Every workshop and class teaches me so many more new things and raises the confidence I have in myself. The atmosphere of the school is incredibly friendly and supportive with amazingly talented and passionate actors to work alongside. I would defiantly recommend the Daniel John Willinams School of Acting. The Daniel John Williams School of Acting is top qaulity acting training focusing in film, TV and theatre. I have been attending for just over 2 years now and nothing I have ever done comes close. Every week we walk out the doors knowing more about the industry. We learn new techniques every class & develop ourselves as actors. Since joining the school I have been given incredible opportunities along with having the pleaseure to work with some amazing guests such as Sophie Pearson from Hubbard casting. I attend Commercial classes, Masterclasses and have also done my LAMDA exams with DJW which I have achieved distinctions in every time. I couldn’t recommend The Daniel John Williams School of Acting enough, for all ages and backgrounds, this school is the best of its kind. My child joined Daniels acting school looking to further herself and she has definetly done this. As a parent with no experience or knowledge of acting it was difficult for us to know how to move forward . Daniel was recommended by a friend and we could not be happier with the recommendation. She is always eager to get to sessions, she's now working towards her lamda exam's and is getting lots of new experiences in the acting field. Daniel John Williams and his DJW School is creating dreams that come true for so many people in the North East. With classes for kids, youths and adults as well as acting Masterclasses, LAMDA and all things acting. There is great interaction between all age groups and is really a great big acting family. Everyone is just so friendly and welcoming. DJW Talent Ltd; incorporating an acting school and casting division, is not a 'hobby' business. It is a proper 'school'. Whilst it does offer tasters and Weekend acting classes like many other schools listed here, what it also offers is structured and professional actor training, tailored to bring out acting strengths and build on actor weaknesses. I 'graduated' from the school, after brushing up my skills and adding a LAMDA medal to my CPD. This was a great place to study and the coaches and industry guests brought in by the school add value to what are very reasonable joining fees. As an equity and spotlight registered actor I will still visit the school to keep my skills updated. The casting side of the school is a recent addition but I am so impressed with its prospects, that I changed my agent in favour of DJW Talent Division. I highly recommend this school to others, particularly youngsters, who should build their skills at the earliest opportunity in life using the LAMDA format. The Daniel John Williams School of acting is one of the best experiences I have ever had. It has enabled me the chance to challenge my acting abilities through attending the vast variety of workshops on offer. The staff are very supportive and nurturing to each actors unique abilities.
The School promotes individuality and I am extremely lucky to be able to work with fellow actors who are caring and supportive of one another.
Dan is a dedicated acting teacher who works hard with finding the acting opportunities for film, TV and commercials. He is the most encouraging and supportive teacher I am able to gain knowledge from and continue to develop my skills as a actor. Emma also works hard with running the School and providing the support to each student. All new students are welcomed with open arms. I'd like to say thank you to Dan and Emma for creating something special. This is training for TV and Film and covers all techniques. The school training and workshops cover a variety of styles for all age groups. The school also has its own talent agency where committed and talented pupils are put forward to audition for TV programmes film or commercials. Professional headshots showreels and voiceovers are available at the school. The teaching is amazing and we have a wide variety of film producers and agencies attending regular workshops. Come and try us, we won't bite! We are a very friendly bunch of characters. I have had opportunity to be involved in TV and film which has given me an amazing experience. Thankyou to Dan and Emma for all the training given and the students of the school for their amazing support. Fun, creative & informative acting workshops delivered by an experienced actor and teacher.
The classes are friendly and for all abilities.
There’s no other Actor Training like this in the NorthEast. Very different to other performing arts schools. A wonderful group of students lead by an excellent teacher who is "real"
Would recommend to anyone of any age who is keen to develop acting skills. I absolutely love this acting school iv'e been attending since day one. Dan, The Guvnor, is so supportive and he makes you achieve things you never thought you could. The DJW team are so hard working and I can guarantee that no teacher will ever work as hard for you as Dan and Emma do. Dan is a hard working man, he does his very best to get work for us actors.
Industry professionals are regularly brought in to run workshops.
Casting directors and company representatives are constantly invited in and end up casting members of both the school and the agency attached.



DJW offer a bespoke showreel service. We work closely with a professional writer | DOP | Director & Editor to capture a high quality piece for you to use across all social media platforms, Spotlight and when applying for castings. Please see examples on our Actors Services page. Two actors per scene is advised and always try and work with an actor that looks different to you or has a completely different style, character casting to you. A scene is written for your specific casting after a consultation has taken place in person, over the phone or via email and we film on location in August and September wherever possible. Upon occassion we might be able to work throughout the year. Cost: £250 per person (To be paid in full before pre-production via BACS) email: info@djwtalent.co.uk for further enquiries


DJW host headshot days every year. We hold a shoot until you are happy policy (Which usually consists of 15-20 minutes) You receieve all of your headshots, with a couple of edited shots. Cost: £100 (To be paid in full before the shoot via BACS) email: info@djwtalent.co.uk for further enquiries


DJW run self tape sessions in August and September every year. We create a professional pop-up studio for you to shoot a selftape with lighting, mic and white backdrop. You will talk to the camera for 90 seconds about yourself which can be used to send to casting directors. Cost: £120 ((To be paid in full before pre-production via BACS)


We currently do not offer Private Tuition.


Please contact DJW head office if you would like a member of our team to come and visit your school FREE of charge to run workshops and offer Q&A's about the industry. email: info@thedjwschool.com for further enquiries


T:  01642 049 349 

DJW Agency: info@djwtalent.co.uk

DJW School Teesside: info@thedjwschool.com

DJW School Newcastle: office@thedjwschool.com

DJW Managing Director: emma@thedjwschool.com

DJW Company Director:  daniel@djwtalent.co.uk

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