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DJW Films update

DJW Films has now officially launched with several exciting projects in development.

We are currently looking at three FactEnt Television ideas along with a scripted short film, two scripted feature films and a documentary about pigeons.

We would like to broaden our reach and focus on scripted and non scripted drama with FactEnt and Documentaries at the forefront of our 2022 mission.

Scripted will always be on the cards, but for the next couple of years, we look at developing ideas with Producers to pitch for Netflix, BBC, Channel4, Channel5 and VoD.

DJW Films also has a children's animation in development with a 54 episode pitch being developed as we speak.

DAVE our short film will be going into production this year too.

Castings will come through DJW Talent.

Make sure you are following @djwfilms @djwtalent and @thedjwschool on Instagram | Facebook and Twitter.


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