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DJW lands several roles in LOOTED'

DJW Talent are incredibly happy to announce that we have secured multiple speaking roles in Looted, starring Thomas Turgoose (This is England, Swimming with Men, Game of Thrones) and Charley Palmer (Dunkirk, Darest Hour)

Our clients: Alan Carter, Chris McVeigh and Daniel-John Williams all landed roles in this amazing new feature film.

DJW Talent also provided a variety of background artists, despite not specialising in that area.

Looted is a coming of age drama set in the high-octane world of joy riders in a port town on the English coast. (TEESSIDE) Rob, a young car jacker, is part of a close-knit gang with his best friends, Leo and JP, and Leo’s new girlfriend, Clara. Rob’s got skills. He’s a great driver and a good laugh. But when Rob goes home to his father Oswald, the other side of his world is revealed: a hospital bed, an oxygen tank in the living room, stained sheets and a dying man, fighting to breathe. Oswald is under the illusion that Rob’s out job-hunting in the daytime, and all of these lies are taking a toll on Rob. When Clara comes around to Rob’s to bring money from a job, suddenly the two worlds that Rob has fought so hard to keep apart start to collide.


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