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Millie Merryweather is offered a scholarship at Fourth Monkey

When Millie was auditioning for drama school, we were excited and nervous at the DJW camp. Excited because we wanted to see her follow her dreams and nervous because we knew we would be losing an incredibly talented, creative open, giving and supportive actor from Teesside.

When she landed a place at Fourth Monkey (Which DJW Talent have a wonderful relationship with already) we were all elated for her and as the story goes:

TABULA RASA was fast approaching (A clean slate) -

Millie could start her new journey with Fourth Monkey and say goodbye to The DJW School of Acting and DJW Talent. A place where many memories were made. Lots of laughter, lots of tears, breaking down boundaries and overcoming fears.

We cherished every moment with her and today she contacted DJW to announce that she has even more news!

Fourth Monkey have offered Millie a Scholarship!

The scholarship is one of the six patron scholarships:

The Brigid Zengeni Scholarship is awarded to an applicant displaying exceptional talent at audition. (Why are we not surprised?)

Brigid is an actor whose most recent theatre work includes A Christmas Carol (RSC), I’m not Running (National Theatre), Romeo and Juliet (Headlong) and her television work includes a regular role in Fortitude (Sky Atlantic).

A note from Brigid:

“I believe that Fourth Monkey offers the student actor outstanding training in a supportive and innovative environment, perfect for creative development. The training experience is both rewarding and profound; producing intuitive, focussed and dynamic actors whilst nurturing and motivating the importance of creating their own work in this ever-evolving industry. I am delighted and excited to be part of the Monkey family.”

A note from Millie:

Receiving a place at Fourth Monkey was a dream for me, let alone receiving a scholarship. Moving to London and training at Fourth Monkey is such a fantastic opportunity and everyday I wake up so grateful, to be experiencing.... this. I am forever thankful to Fourth Monkey for giving me this opportunity, although I have faced adversity and struggles throughout my journey so far; I am so grateful to have been offered the opportunity to prove myself further and push myself even more.

Feeling so comfortable in a space is something I had never even thought someone with a disability would experience, but Monkey has welcomed me with open arms and supported me throughout and I am so thankful that they are continuing to do that in my second year along side a scholarship. Thank you so much!

I will forever be in debt to Daniel-John Williams at DJW Talent and his fantastic team for pushing me and training me to be able to have the confidence and skills to move on in my acting journey. I am so excited to come back to DJW and work with them and share my knowledge. Listen and trust in Daniel-John, he KNOWS what he’s doing. Take me as proof.

We are thrilled that Millie is flying in London and hope some day soon she will be back sharing more of her knowledge and findings from an incredible acting school (FOURTH MONKEY)


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