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Photobomber, a comedy pilot

DJW have been working on a mockumentary idea with our students and have just confirmed a crew to take the project on:

The Fierce Gingers, based in Hartlepool have accepted the project.

This weird and wonderful story focusses on a masked nuisance maker, who deliberately photobombs peoples photos, but it isn't always such a bad thing. Some people have become online celebrities as a result and have made thousands off the back of his photobombing. A new kind of BANKSY has arrived, living in Teesside but spotted worldwide.

The photobomber has millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok and Facebook. Some of his victims go on to set up businesses and become online influencers, whilst others despise him for ruining otherwise, perfect photos and occasions.

Our camera crew will meet the victims and try to solve who is behind this mixed opinion masked person.


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