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Professional Development Days

DJW Talent | The DJW School of Acting work together under the same mission to develop and support actors in the North East and beyond.

Our actor training programme compliments the needs of the agency by gearing actors up for auditions, rehearsal etiquette, character building, professional conduct, market strategy, toolkit development and craft.

The purpose of the training programme at The DJW School of Acting is to ensure our actors develop an understanding of how the cogs turn, how they respond to stimulus set and focus on their ability, confidence and areas of potential improvement so that when the call comes… They are ready.

Whilst no agency can guarantee to secure work, we can assure clients that our intentions are to open the right doors with a clear route to market by avoiding certain obstacles early on, to enhance and engage with quality of work over quantity.

DJW Talent are interested in running development days alongside The DJW School of Acting for clients who sometimes feel like they are just waiting for the phone to ring.

DJW Talent are passionate about mentoring creatives who feel stuck or frustrated and we want you to know, you’re definitely not alone.

Can we help you?


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