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QA International has awarded DJW Talent with GOLD again

Since the launch of DJW in 2015, we have been recognised at GOLD level through QA International for our services to actors in the North East.

Quality Assurance certificates should give students peace of mind that we have been assessed in such a manner that checks the quality of our work, protocols, approaches and services which also covers things such as safe-guarding, professional conduct, high standards, honesty, knowledge and overall customer care and service.

Company Founder and Director had this to say 'We are always honoured to be awarded this certificate but even more so this year, because after the latest hurricane of activity - The Pandemic… We feel this certificate reminds us of why we battled so hard through it'

He continued 'We strive to support and develop actors in a way that is progressive, in a safe environment, whilst encouraging participants to push themselves creatively and at their own pace.

Our dedication and tenacity to power through the pandemic with the loyalty of our students has meant we live to see another year.

We did not find it easy.

We have struggled.

We Zoomed.

But the time away from the studio allowed us to reshape, restructure, reframe, remodel and even redesign the way we support our clients.

Sadly we had to close our Newcastle school whilst we reassess and refresh our options and hopefully come back stronger in the not so distant future.

Keep exploring.

The journey is meant to be challenging, it’s where the growth takes place.

Visit the website to learn more about how we might be able to help you or just to learn about us in general.


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