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Hannah Fox and Annabel Gray have been recalled to London to meet with Lorna Tucker the director of BARE, a short film co-produced by Ged Doherty, Lorena Wright and a very well known British actor is Co Producing. BARE is a fictionalised account of Lorna Tuckers early troubled life on the streets of London. “I have called it Bare because that is how I feel about it, and we may well stick with that title,” she said to The Guardian -

“I felt very exposed by writing something so personal. But I kept gravitating back to the period seven years ago, when I came out of rehab.”

Tucker, 35, said she wants to explain how events conspire to put young people on the streets. “A whole series of things led me there,” she said. “The only reason I survived is that I still had a mum and dad who loved me, even though I had suffered abuse from a neighbour. Most people don’t have any support and it must be so difficult.”

Tucker grew up with her mother and four siblings in Hertfordshire, but ran away from home at 15. After a summer on the streets she became addicted to heroin. “I want the next film to talk to policymakers, but also be entertaining. I really don’t want to make depressing films.”

Good Luck Girls.

Casting by Des Hamilton


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