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Andy Berriman on Zoom (Q&A with DJW)

Hello DJW, We hope you are all continuing to stay focussed, positive and safe. 

We are really excited to announce our next guest: **Film Director Andy Berriman** Most recently Andy has written and directed ELSEWHERE with the wonderful cast of Molly Windsor (THREE GIRLS) and Mark Addy (THE FULL MONTY, A KNIGHT'S TALE, GAME OF THRONES, ROBIN HOOD, VERA and countless others. Elsewhere has been entered into some fantastic festivals and is being well received.  Andy is responsible for creating the characters and the world of A Six & Two Three's. A short film set entirely in Teesside. Creative England funded.

Daniel-John Williams (DJW Talent company director) was incredibly lucky and honoured to have worked on this project as the casting director and he sourced the talent for this film and hopes to work with Andy again in the future. A Six & Two Three's went on to travel the world's best film festivals and was praised by audiences afar. Andy and Daniel have known one another for a long time. Although, Daniel can't remember where they met... Maybe Andy can shine some light on this during the Q&A? IMDb LINK: WHEN: Saturday 6th June 2020 TIME: 2pm  WHO: DJW Students and Clients

HOW: Zoom! WHAT: You will need to make sure you have downloaded Zoom. 


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