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Clive & Mark hit the cat walk

Our lovely clients Mark Francis and Clive Bruder have been having fun this week and last (although they always seem to be having fun!) - we are trying hard not to point out the word seem (seam) as an extremely fantastic pun! 

Clive commented:

We were invited to Minerva 25th Anniversary Ball. Mark and I attended along with other Sewing Bee people @britishsewingbee 

It was a chance to celebrate with the family owned business of their 25 years! We had a catwalk, food & drink and had a jolly good time!

Clive and Mark are always busy and we have great plans for future developments. 

Amongst the photos on this post you will see ‘The Boys Sew Too Catwalk’ which Clive had arranged for Ally Pally in London which was a roaring success. 

@wesewtoo are on the road for greatness and we are proud to support them every step of the way. 


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