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Couch Potato Films are producing and working with Fierce Gingers Production and this time some of our youths are involved. We are thrilled to announce that after some self tapes and availability checks Kadie Bradley and Hollie Myers have just been asked to play some key roles.

Shot in and around Hartlepool with Chloe Grocott at Fierce Gingers Production, we are excited to see our talent emerge on screen, despite the challenges we have all been faced with this year.

DJW Talent recently had the pleasure of working with Adam Bouabda, the founder of Couch Potato Films for the Tiana Leigh Comedy Sketch for Channel4 Sparks, we have also been working with Adam on a new BFI short comedy horror. DJW Talent have helped cast one of the principal roles and we have managed to attach a fantastic well known actor (More news to follow)

Great news day today!


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