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DJW E-Learning Update

DJW made the switch from social learning to distance learning in March 2020. It was an incredibly exciting and uncertain time as we had no idea how it would work. However: The results from our students have been amazing and we are incredibly proud and surprised to see how well all of the students have done under such restricted and complicated times.

Module one consisted of 45 actors performing or reading a monologue written by company director Daniel-John Williams. Each actor filmed themselves and sent the footage to us where we edited them together into one piece. A special thanks to Ian Paine Creative for giving up his family time to work so hard on putting it all into a tangible, watchable project via remote editing through ZOOM.

You can watch it here:

Our external guest tutors, who are a mixture of actors, directors, writers and practitioners all working professionally in the industry have sent DJW pre-recorded modules for our students to work on whilst isolating at home, in the hope we can keep them distracted, focussed and creative until we can all get back in the studio.

Module two was a short film challenge set by filmmaker Andy Berriman and we are simply blown away by how amazing the students put the films together, some of which are of very high standard. Andy is known for the Creative England short film A Six & Two Threes and Elsewhere and is part of the Tees Valley Screen Steering Group with DJW Talent, company director Daniel.

Well done to all students.

Congratulations Mille Merryweather for receiving a DJW Monthly E-Learning Module Award:

We are rewarding students who have done particularly well in the tasks with our DJW Monthly E-Learning Module Awards (MEMA) as a way of showing recognition for hard work and to show appreciation for talented individuals during this difficult time. We have selected winners for modules one, two and three and will continue to offer awards throughout E-Learning.

Congratulations Libby for also receiving a DJW MEMA for your self tape in module 002:

Module three, set by Commercials actor Anthony Joblin has also been incredibly fun and engaging for our students. Anthony is a good friend of DJW and is known for his tv commercials for Hoola Hoops, Burger King,, B&Q and countless others.

Congratulations also to Jonathan Gibbs:

Module four has been set by Dave Edwards who has known Daniel, company director at DJW since they were young. Dave Edwards is a Master in Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance. This module will make our students prepare better and get them ready for future opportunities. We are really lucky to have Dave join us.

We have more modules and wonderful guest teachers lined up, but we are hoping this won't last too much longer. We will keep you all updated and we can't wait to welcome you all back to the studio and with some new faces amongst our students and the team.

Be safe, stay creative.

DJW Talent


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