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DJW switch to E-Learning

DJW Talent are working around the clock to offer support to as many actors as possible during this uncertain time and even though the studios have gone dark, we are holding the light for many of our clients, students and parents.

The DJW School of Acting promises to engage with our actors and offers support to those who might need some reassurance in these difficult times. Our modules are fun, engaging and educational with a straight and clear objective: Acting.

DJW made the switch from face to face to E-Learning on 17th March 2020 and so far we have had an extremely positive response.

We are on Google Hangouts every weekend so our students can speak face to face with our tutors during this normal time table.

Every Friday at 5pm DJW release a new module (A pre-recorded video with instructions)

Every Thursday at 5pm DJW request that all homework set is returned.

We can't count the amount of students and parents who have already learnt something new from the E-learning modules and now have a set of transferable skills for the future.

Uploading and Downloading footage is an important tool to know how to use for future castings and self tapes and this is just the start of what we are offering.

We are setting regular challenges with guest tutors, directors and actors within the industry, already we have over eight guests offering support.

Our Masterclasses are continuing online and so far, so good. We are working on a piece of new writing, so it's keeping us all busy.

We would like to extend our very best wishes to everyone who is self isolating and rest assured that DJW Talent will be standing tall, ready for the studios to reopen and sending actors for auditions again.

During this incredibly quiet time for the business of actors and creatives alike, we have managed to secure two ZOOM meetings (online face to face) with an incredibly important casting director in London, known for some of the biggest and most watched TV and film projects to date.

We have gone from receiving 100+ emails a day to 5-10 a day maximum. So it is a time for reflection and and building up your skills to be able to hit the ground running when the bell rings.


If you pay for Spotlight per month, you might be entitled to a three month payment break (Might be worth asking)

We are staying in touch with industry professionals to ensure that our modules and our approach are accurate and on target.

Showreel Share Day

(on Twitter)


Share your showreel with #showreelshareday #showreel #showreelshare and hopefully it will catch the attention of lots of people in the industry. Casting Directors often use this day to source new talent.

Good Luck everyone and remember to stay safe, be creative and continue to be positive and focussed.

Daniel-John Williams

Company Director


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