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DJW Talent welcomes ASAP

So Basically Yeah....

DJW Talent are proud to announce that we are now representing Alberto Dumba and have several collaborations in early development.

Many will know Alberto Dumba as ASAP or The Original African. His controversial but humorous videos often rack up lots of responses and likes on social media and other online platforms.

His Youtube Channal has over 40k subscribers with 5m views and TikTok has a whopping 300,000 followers and an impressive 9m likes.

Viewer Discretion Advised

DJW Talent were introduced to ASAP at the Channel4 early development day in Newcastle which led to a collaboration with Couch Potato Films, The North East Comedy Hothouse, Northern Film + Media and Channel4.

Alberto trained at The Northern School of Art, in Hartlepool and we are really happy to have him on our books!

Let's get to work...


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