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Grace Davey self tapes for exciting feature film

Grace Davey, a former Fourth Monkey student has been with DJW for only a short time and within weeks secured a fantastic contract touring with a theatre company up and down the country when suddenly her tour was cancelled due to Covid-19. We were all so disappointed and heartbroken for her as she had landed such a fantastic role in a tour, meaning she would be in work for several strong months.

So the news landed today, that Grace is being considered for a fantastic role in a feature film which is being shot in London this August and it has brought the DJW office back into celebration mode!

The project is a spin off from a very well known children adventure book which happens to be company founder and director of DJW Talent, Daniel-John Williams' favourite story. So he has everything crossed for Grace.

Well done Grace, we are so proud of you!


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