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Looted (Feature Film)

Not long now until Looted will be screening in cinemas.

The film was shot over 17 days in Hartlepool, on the north-east coast of England, in the summer of 2018.

Several DJW clients have speaking roles in this highly anticipated micro-wave scheme feature film LOOTED.

It was a pleasure to locate several speaking roles for the film through DJW Talent and The DJW School of Acting to work alongside Thomas Turgoose, Charley Palmer Rothwell, Tom Fisher and Morgane Polanski.

The film was shot mostly in Teesside and so we also arranged supporting artists from the local communities for the film.

Rene Van Pannevis the director was a dream to work with.

Fingers crossed you get to see it and enjoy this wonderful piece of story telling.

Trailer Below: (Please note, some swearing)


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