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Monday, March 16th 2020 was the day our studio doors had to close for our DJW School of Acting students and the lights went dark.

Little did we know what the future held for all of us. What followed was a year of uncertainty and for many; a year of fear.

Through the support of DJW students and parents we are excited to be in a position to be able to return to the studios in May. The continued commitment and efforts by our students has meant there is a future for many more creatives in the North East region and beyond.

DJW reframed, restructured and redesigned our services and how we reach talent in hard to reach places. 2020 must not be a year we wish to forget, but rather a year to reflect and enable us to follow our dreams in an unshaken manner.

Get ready to step into your spotlight.

Stand by....

The lights will be on again soon.

From everyone at The DJW Team


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