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Scot Williams on Zoom (Q&A with DJW)

We are really lucky and excited to welcome Scot Williams to come and run a Q&A with our DJW Adult actors.

Just by doing a simple Google Search, you can see that Scot has worked with some of the best in the industry and has been around the block, working on some incredibly memorable projects.

CREDITS: Scot is known for his roles in various television dramas and lots of well known films. Cape Wrath, The Crew, Hard Boiled Sweets and Clubbed are just a handful of projects Scot has worked on.

Company Director, Daniel-John Williams met Scot in Lithuania whilst filming Redirected, where he played the leading role of Michael alongside Vinnie Jones. They spent several months in Vilnius together and created a box office hit, the biggest grossing film in Lithuania, since... Forever.

Scot has worked with some of the greatest actors, directors and filmmakers the industry has ever seen and no doubt he has some stories to tell. We know, because we have heard some of them.

WHEN: Saturday 30th May 2020

TIME: 2pm 

DURATION: (1 Hour)

HOW: Zoom!

WHO: DJW Adult Actors

WHAT: You will need to make sure you have downloaded Zoom. 

We are really lucky to have Scot joining us and we hope you are as excited as we are.


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