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STARGAZING a short film by DJW Talent Lifts-Off

DJW Talent has been officially selected by London-Lift Off Film Festival First Time Filmmakers and London-Lift Off Film Festival Sessions an online festival which promises a trip to Pinewood Studios if we are successful with a win.

The new five minute short film is called 'STARGAZING'

The film focusses on a lucky chance encounter between two strangers who end up noticing the beauty in the sky.

Starring Geoff McDonald & David Armstrong.

Produced + Directed by Daniel-John Williams

DOP + Editor Ian Paine

Post Production Sound by Philip Quinton

Written by Emily Fairweather

Production Co-ordinator Emma Louise Teasdale

Gaffer Pete Allinson

Composer Roma Yagnik

(C) Copyright DJW Talent


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