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Tiana Leigh #nofilter (Channel4 #SPARKS)

#nofilter Channel4 comedy sparks with TIANA LEIGH has wrapped.

Daniel-John Williams (DJW Talent Company Director) and Adam Bouabda (Couch Potato Films) worked together on this fantastic new comedy.

Massive thanks to everyone who made it possible.


Lucia Rovardi

Jamie Mckie

North East Comedy HotHouse

Northern Film + Media

Couch Potato Films

Adam Bouabda John Noble Alex Challies Hannah Fox Sherilyn Oliphant Ian Paine Michael Lambert Ali Hutchinson Ian Allcock Emma Lawson Lisa Laws Emily Fairweather Ross Marshall The Beat Boutique Disco Katie Kennedy Dean Moore

Pauline Rovardi Grace Davis The DJW School of Acting DJW Talent

Sandra Johnson RUDBY HALL


#nofilter coming soon!


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