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DJW company founder and director, Daniel-John Williams has spent the week looking over the Government Guidelines and Advice for a possible return to studio plan.

We want to put energy back into our studios. We want to bring characters back to life. We want to bring a sense of community back into our hearts. We want to laugh and learn again. But as you can probably imagine, there is a lot that needs to happen first. We have a lot of information to read, digest, understand and then action.

We are working very hard to be able to provide everyone with a DJW COVID RISK ASSESEMENT and DJW RETURN TO STUDIO PLAN.

It is currently an ever changing document but we have made a huge breakthrough recently.

We will not return to the studio until we are confident that we have everything in place to minimise the risks and maximise your safety.

We do not have a return to studio date yet but we do have everything we need to be able to start planning with our venues for a partial return plan with regular reviews and audits.

DJW are confident that we have a strong plan and a detailed RISK ASSESSMENT in place. Now all we need to do is implement this into our running of the school and have our venues agree to the protocols.

As you can imagine it’s a lengthy and complicated process. But we are nearly there.

In short we will have to change the way we do things and we all have an important role to play to keep us all Covid-Safe.

It goes without saying that DJW hope you are all safe and well and we encourage you to speak to us as often as possible to ensure we are all working from the same hymn sheet.

Stand By. Stay Safe. Speak Soon.

Let;'s bring some noise back to our studios.


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